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  Hello all,     

What are your children doing for April Vacation?  Sign them up for Game Week at Games & Gifts Galore.  I am a certified New York State teacher and have plenty of  brain stimulating activities lined up for April vacation.  Please see our previous email for details or contact us to sign up. 

     Pre-orders  We are currently taking pre-orders for the new magic set Future Sight and Empire and Alliance the new Star Wars set.  If you order and pay for a booster display of Magic or a case of Star Wars ahead of time we are offering a 20% discount.  If there are any other games that are coming out that you are interested in pre-ordering a case or display we will find out pricing for you now.      

     As always thank you for supporting our store with your patronage!  We really do appreciate your business! Recently one of my main competitors closed their store. I have mixed feelings on this store's closing.  On the one hand, it means I do not have to compete with that store on price anymore (they discounted a lot of their products), but it saddens me to hear of any store in my industry that closes.  I personally developed my love for Heroclix and Star Wars miniatures at Who's On First and so I feel that it is a big loss to the community.  If anyone knows anyone from that store please refer them to us.  The pressures of competing with internet sites and flea markets that do not have to pay half the rent I do is difficult at best.  I literally can not compete with them on price, but I knew that when I opened my store.  I feel that my staff and I provide a level of customer service that no other store can deliver.  I also provide a clean, friendly, safe, and entertaining area to play your favorite games.  I would like to personally thank all of my loyal customers for keeping me in business... I truly do appreciate your patronage over the past 7 months.  I would also like to thank you for referring your friends and family to my store and adding to my small but growing gaming community.     

Games & Gifts Galore gift certificates are a great way to show someone you care.  Pick one up today!       Sorry to interrupt the fun, but please do not sell products to other customers in our store.  That is like going into Burger King to sell your hamburgers you just made on your George Foreman grill.  Burger King would not allow it and neither will we.  We now return you to the fun!

      Celebrate your next special occasion at Games & Gifts Galore.  Game parties make great parties!  Ask for details today!      It is report card time again... if you bring in your current report card with all A's and B's you will receive 10% off of any single item in the store.

      Sorry to interrupt the fun, but please do not bring outside food and drink to Games & Gifts Galore.  That is like going to a sit down restaurant and taking up a table, but eating food that you prepared at home or bought from another restaurant.  We do sell a plethora of different snack and beverage items and every purchase helps keep the store in business.  If we do not carry your favorite snack or beverage item let us know maybe we can purchase some for the store.  Back to the fun! 

      We also want your used entertainment items.  CDs, DVDs, Used board games, used novels, comic books, video games, etc.  We trade for all of these products and more.

      I have recently been approached to run a VS hobby League and Yugioh tounaments as well.  I will gladly do both if I have enough customers interested in these games.  If you are interested or know someone that is please contact us.  We are thinking of Wednesday nights for VS... we are not sure about Yugioh, but we are looking for customer feedback.

      This Week  we are continuing our sale of back issue comic books at 50% off and all Heroclix singles are $1 each (except for LEs they are 50% off).  This sale ends Saturday.      This Sunday 3/25  We will be having an official World of Warcraft tournament.

  There will be a $5 entry fee and the tournament starts at 12 noon. 

     This  Sunday 3/25  We will be having an official Heroclix tournament.  The entry fee is to buy a booster pack and this tournament starts at 12 noon.  All Heroclix packs are 10% off on Sunday (except for Supernova and Origins). 

    Also This Sunday 3/25  We will be having the battle for the Blue Dragon.  This unprecedented Dungeons and Dragons Miniature tournament starts at 12 noon and the entry fee is $10 as long as at least 4 people show up.  Every participant will win prizes.

      Also This Sunday 3/25  We will be having a Vintage Magic Tournament.  The entry fee will be $5 and it will start at 12:30.  Bring your best deck in order to compete against the masses. 
Vintage Format Deck Construction Updated December 1, 2005  

Constructed decks must contain a minimum of sixty cards. There is no maximum deck size; however, you must be able to shuffle your deck with no assistance. If a player wishes to use a sideboard, it must contain exactly fifteen cards.

With the exception of basic land cards, a player’s combined deck and sideboard may not contain more than four of any individual card, counted by its English card title equivalent. All cards named Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest are basic. (The five Ice Age snow-covered lands -- Snow-Covered Plains, Snow-Covered Island, Snow-Covered Swamp, Snow-Covered Mountain, and Snow-Covered Forest -- are also basic lands. Note that snow-covered lands are permitted only in formats that allow the Ice Age set to be used.)

The following cards are banned in Vintage tournaments:Any ante card Chaos Orb Falling Star

The following cards are restricted* in Vintage tournaments:Ancestral Recall Balance Black Lotus Black Vise Burning Wish Channel Chrome Mox Crop Rotation Demonic Consultation Demonic Tutor Dream Halls Enlightened Tutor Entomb Fact or Fiction Fastbond Frantic Search Grim Monolith Gush Imperial Seal Library of Alexandria Lion’s Eye Diamond Lotus Petal Mana Crypt Mana Vault Memory Jar Mind Twist Mind’s Desire Mox Diamond Mox Emerald Mox Jet Mox Pearl Mox Ruby Mox Sapphire Mystical Tutor Necropotence Personal Tutor Regrowth Sol Ring Strip Mine Time Spiral Time Walk Timetwister Tinker Tolarian Academy Trinisphere Vampiric Tutor Voltaic Key Wheel of Fortune Windfall Yawgmoth’s Bargain Yawgmoth’s Will

     This Wednesday      We will be running a Challenge Dov Night!  There is a $6 entry fee to challenge Dov to a match (best 2 out of 3) of Magic.  Your deck must be a standard legal deck.  If you win you either get 2 booster packs or $10 credit towards Magic Singles.  If you lose you either get 1 booster pack or $6 credit towards Magic singles.  Or challenge Dov to a boardgame.  $5 entry if you win Dov matches your entry fee towards the purchase of the game.

     This Thursday  We will be running a Star Wars Miniature tournament starting at 5PM.  The entry fee will be $5 and everyone will earn prizes based on attendance.

     Also this Thursday  We will be running a constructed Mardi Gras 3000 tournament.  "Chris the Gamemaster" DeSalvo will be running this great event starting at 5 PM.  The entry fee is $5 to cover the prize support.

     This Friday  Friday Night Magic is heating up as we push forward towards are special release event for Future's Sight on Friday May 4th.  The entry fee will be $5 for this Friday and will begin at 5PM.

     This Saturday  Starting at 11AM we will be hosting a Legend of the Five Rings CCG tournament.  It will either be Hammer & Anvil 3 ($10 entry) or a standard constructed 40/40 tournament ($5 entry).  We will decide the format on the day of the tournament by participant vote.  We are trying to determine interest for a weekly Saturday tournament.

      Also this Saturday  We will be running a special Star Wars tournament starting at 12 noon.  This tournament will be battle royal style with 4 players on the same map at the same time.  The entry fee for this tournament will be $5 and all participants will win prizes based on attendance.  Bring your best 200 point army for this no-holds barred slugfest!  Make sure your entire army is from one faction as this was pointed out to me at the last tournament as being a standard rule. 

     Also this Saturday  We will be having another VS, Yugioh, and Pokemon meet and greet to determine interest in a hobby league/tournament starting in the near future.     

     Next Sunday  We will be having another VS, Yugioh, and Pokemon meet and greet to determine interest in a hobby league/tournament starting in the near future.     

     Also Next Sunday  We will be hosting Heroclix/ and World of Warcraft on Sunday starting at 12 noon.  The entry fee for Heroclix will be to buy a booster.  The entry fee for World of Warcraft will be $5. 

     Also Next Sunday   We will be having a Vintage Magic Tournament.  The entry fee will be $5 and it will start at 12:30.  Bring your best deck in order to compete against the masses.

      Also Next Sunday   We will be having the battle for the Blue Dragon.  This unprecedented Dungeons and Dragons Miniature tournament starts at 12:30 and the entry fee is $10 as long as at least 4 people show up.  Every participant will win prizes. 

Games & Gifts Galore’s Gaming Olympics


This contest will run from March 1st to June 22nd.


There will be a variety of games participants can choose in order to fulfill the tournament requirements.


Each participant must earn 26 points in their chosen game system by 11:30 AM June 22nd to qualify for the Game Olympics.


The top four qualifying participants per game system will compete against each other on June 22nd in a special sealed tournament for their respective game system.  The winner will move on to the Gaming Olympics Grand Tournament to compete for my Nintendo Wii (or comparable product).


The Grand Tournament will be only for the qualifying winners of each respective game system.  This tournament will take place on June 23rd starting at 11AM.  This tournament will be represented by various games to be determined by the staff of Games & Gifts Galore.  The winner of the Grand Tournament will walk away with my Nintendo Wii (or comparable product) as their prize.  Secondary prizes will be determined based on the number of entrants and the management of Games & Gifts Galore.


If anyone earns 16 points or more in 3 or more game systems they are automatically entered into the Gaming Olympics Grand Tournament.


The game systems represented in the Gaming Olympics are Heroclix, World of Warcraft the TCG, Legends of the Five Rings, Halo 2 (Xbox), Star Wars Minis, D&D minis, Magic the Gathering, VS, and Yu-gi-oh.


How to earn points

Every time a participant pays and enters a tournament for the chosen game system they will earn a point in that game system.  The winner of the tournament will earn 2 extra points and the runner up will earn 1 extra point.


On the day of any tournament you have entered, you will earn a point for every $30 purchase you make.


There will be special tournaments that may earn you additional points.



All decisions on rules, qualifying purchases, and anything else deemed necessary will be decided by the management of Games & Gifts Galore.


Good Luck and good gaming to all!


Dov Frier
Games & Gifts Galore
3937 Merrick Road
Seaford, NY 11783
(516) 804-0411